Information on Audley and Stoke-on-Trent 
England and pre-reunion activities.

This page last updated 29 October, 2001

Some information on the village of Audley

Frank Eardley's letters to Robert Jack Eardley 
and to Bishop Keith of Lichfield
regarding the Eardley reunion, 15th July 2000.

The Bishop Keith's reply to Frank Eardley.

The text from the official guide to the Church of St. James, Audley.

A partial list of the Eardley graves located in the Audley Churchyard.

Church of St. James bulletin.

Letter from the Honorable Secretary Barry James of the 
Audley and District Male Voice Choir
concerning the reunion activities.

The Prestigious East Stained Glass Window in Church of St. James, Audley, England.

History of the Hilton Hotel.

Stoke-on-Trent Hilton brochure

Hilton staff members, Helen Eardley Rylands and Ian Eardley.

A brief history of the North Stafford Hotel.

The North Stafford Hotel brochure

Pictures of the North Stafford Hotel and staff.

Information on various Bed and Breakfast's around Stoke-on-Trent.  Includes a map. (Please note, images are rather large and may take longer to download than normal.)

Information on The George Hotel in Burslem.

Good hotel deal in Stafford.

Map of Stoke-on-Trent showing the various potteries and other attractions.

A modern map of Audley, showing the locations of the church, Eardley End, and Eardley Hall.  Also shows main routes in and out of Audley.

Map of Audley, England and surrounding area.

Map of central England.

An extract of Emanual Bowers' map of Staffordshire, circa 1749, which clearly shows Eardley in relation to the other villages.  Newcastle-under-Lyme and a fledgling Stoke are on the bottom right corner.
Blore Heath Farm Information on Blore Heath Farm where the 5th Lord of Audley was killed.

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